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Deputy McCarthy had the honor of giving a Kindness 911 Citation to Heritage High School Student and Kindness Super Hero, Janson Bacos. So often these days people see things and then turn to pretend that they didn’t... even at the expense of that persons safety and wellbeing. Now, don’t get me wrong, your personal safety is important so always be smart. But today, Janson witnessed an altercation, literally dropped his lunch on the floor and intervened before the incident could escalate. He truly acted like a first responder and more a model of integrity to his entire school community.

Thank you for doing the right thing from Kindness 911, Deputy McCarthy and your schools Administrators and Security Team.

KINDNESS CITATION RFPD-00151/00152/00153

On 01/04/2020 just before dark, local Ridgefield, WA residents Ashlee, Lily, and Tatum became heroes to another local family. This was a situation of being at the right place at the right time as they found “Mo” roaming the downtown streets. The three quickly sprang into action and rescued Mo from getting hit by a vehicle. With the cooperation of Officer Craig Prentice-Wattson of the Ridgefield Police Department, Mo was returned home and reunited with his family safely. When cited Ashlee commented, “This is a great way to promote kindness. Being recognized for things is always a great feeling. We are all very happy that we were able to return the dog to his owner!”

Thank you Ashlee, Lily, and Tatum for your act of kindness! Ridgefield is lucky to have citizens like you!


Holiday Rewind: We often forget that during holidays while we are celebrating, many of our First Responders gear up for another day at the office. However, on December 25th, Christmas Day 2019, Brandon Parchell from Ilani Resort & Casino noticed the officers of the Cowlitz Tribal Police Department reporting for duty, away from their families and wanted to do something.

He took it upon himself to bring a full Christmas dinner for the Police Officers who were working. He brought a full ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, apple pie... and the true feeling of the holidays. With having Officers who live out of the area and not able to enjoy a Christmas Dinner at home it warmed all of their hearts to see that someone cared enough to go the extra mile just because. Well done Brandon!


Our Kindness Cops typically issue Kindness Citations when they are face-to-face with the honoree. However, it occurred to me that I knew someone so deserving outside my area (waaaay outside my area) that I had to put a Kindness Citation in the mail. Let me introduce you to 10 year old Zechariah who is the Founder of Running 4 Heroes out of Florida.

Zechariah runs one mile for every First Responder who makes the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. He wants to honor those who gave up their life so we may live in a better world. He said, “our First Responders do so much for us. I want to let them know they are appreciated.”

I am so inspired by his heart for LEOs. In the two years he has been honoring our fallen heroes here are the heartbreaking miles he has run:

Total Miles Run in 2018/2019: 376

Total Miles Run for 2019 fallen LEO's: 133

Total Miles Run for 2018 fallen LEO's: 166

Total Miles Run for Severely Injured LEO’s: 1

Total Miles Run for 2019 fallen Firefighters: 56

Total Miles Run In 2019 for other Heroes: 9

Total Miles Run for 2018/2019 fallen K9’s: 5

Total Tribute Runs per State: 6

Zechariah, thank you for the heartfelt letter you sent me but more for the service you are providing the brothers and sisters in law enforcement as well as the families of the brave people you are honoring.

I encourage everyone to check out Running 4 Heroes and support his efforts!


The Pink Patch Project (PPP) is a public awareness campaign designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support breast cancer research. For the past two years, the Ridgefield Police Department has participated in the PPP by designing and wearing a pink Ridgefield Police patch during the month of October. In addition to wearing the pink patch, the department sells the limited edition pink patches and all proceeds go to the local Pink Lemonade Project to empower, educate and aid those affected by breast cancer.

At the end of September 2019, Lieutenant Cathy Doriot contacted Alex and Leelee Tea, the owners of Miracle Cleaners locates in Hazel Dell, WA. She asked them if they could remove their regular department patches from their uniforms and sew on the new pink patches. Due to the vendors late delivery of the pink patches, they had a very short window to get the patches on and ready for Ridgefield Officers to wear on October 1st. Alex and Leelee immediately offered to remove the old patches and replace them with the pink patches in less than two days and at no expense. Alex and Leelee's kindness saved enormous expense and time of transitioning to the pink patches, which enabled the department to increase their donation to the Pink Lemonade Project.

For more information on the Pink Lemonade Project check out their page at




Today at Chinook Elementary in Vancouver, WA we had the distinct honor of recognizing an amazing community volunteer. 7 years ago Karen Plinski signed up to be a volunteer for the school. Karen told us, “I can remember when I first went in to volunteer. I filled the paperwork out and they sent me home. They said a teacher will get in contact with me. I said to myself "they said they needed volunteers and they sent me home?” A teacher was in the office and saw me applying. I got home and an email was there and I have been there every day since.”

However, today caught Karen totally by surprise. She told us that the school’s Associate Principal approached her recently and notified her that they were acknowledging all volunteers at the upcoming assembly and she needed to be there. She said that “yes” was the only answer that was going to be taken and promptly rescheduled her massage appointment.

On the way to the assembly she saw other volunteers from the school and was genuinely excited for all the amazing volunteers being recognized. Then while at the assembly Karen reports that a lady (Karmen Warner, Board Member) was invited to the stage and begins talking about the Kindness 911 program along with other law enforcement officers (Andy Marvitz from Ridgefield Police and DuWayne Layton and Seth Brannan from the Clark County Sheriffs Office). Karen said, “I was aware of it from Jason Hattrick’s (Founder/CEO) posts from Kindness 911’s Facebook page.”

The presenter started mentioning a “she”, who was at the school from 8:30am to 3:00pm every single day. Karen thought to herself, “Oh, it must be someone in Red or Blue house.” Then the presenter introduced Deputy Layton who began telling a story about a night he had a trainee with him on patrol when they observed a speeding car coming down the road so they stopped “HER!!” Karen said, “OMG!!! The light bulb went off in my head and realized it was ME they were talking about. My eyes started to fill with water.”

Karen was invited to the stage in front of the entire school’s faculty and students and this time she did not get off with just a warning. Deputy Layton issued her a Kindness Citation for her extraordinary service to Chinook and all the Wolf Pups. Karen said, “I felt so honored by this Kindness Citation, to feel so appreciated sent chills all over my body. I had no idea this was coming. I still can't believe it. I am so honored that the teachers, children and parents think that well of me. I still can't believe it. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this Kindness Citation.”

Kindness 911 wasn’t quite done yet. We wanted to make her day even brighter with the help of some of our amazing partners. Hudson’s Grill at the Heathman Lodge gave her a $100 Gift Certificate so her and her husband can enjoy a well deserved night out. Then our friends at Ilani Resort & Casino gave her two tickets to any concert event of her choice. We were so happy to be able to recognize the kindness of one of Vancouver’s most wonderful people!!!! Well done Karen and way to lead the pack!  Watch it HERE


On Feb. 8th, 2020 at 2100 hours, Dusten Weichman simply chose to do the right thing. He went above and beyond by jumping in and assisting a Ridgefield Police Officer in the line of duty. His selflessness not only gave aid to the officer but to the individual as they could have caused harm to themselves or even an innocent member of the community. Dusten said that he was simply happy to assist in resolving the situation before someone got hurt.

Dusten, your actions were very much appreciated. Thank you for representing Ridgefield and your amazing community!


Kindness is like coffee, it awakens your spirit and improves your day. Today I filled my cup with both!

This morning I was on my way to an event to represent Kindness 911 when, as usual, I pulled off at one of my go-to places, Dutch Bros for a quick cup of coffee. As I was pulling out of the drive thru in came a Portland Police Officer. That is when I saw the opportunity to do what I always encourage people to do... just say thank you. So I parked my car and as he was giving his order I walked up, introduced myself and gave him my full stamp card and simply said, “Thank you for your service. Coffee is on me today.” He genuinely looked thankful and happy. I then issued him his Kindness Citation for his service to his community.

Once he got his coffee he pulled around and he and I had the opportunity to stand in our beautiful NW rain and tell him more about Kindness 911 and how our Kindness Cops seek out and honor individuals for their goodwill, positivity and kindness. He was excited how we are impacting our communities one kind act at a time and shared a bunch of areas within his department where this would be amazing!

Thank you again Officer Holmgren for all you do!


Ridgefield Police Officer Prentice-Wattson is a great servant of his community. However when he takes off his shield those who know him best simply call him “Watty.” He had been suffering from some hand numbness and pain for over a decade and it was determined he needed ulnar nerve transposition surgery. It was then that he was reminded that he didn’t need to be on duty to issue a Kindness Citation.

Watty had met several surgeons but not until he met Dr. Obinna Ugwu-Oju (better known as Dr. Obi) was he comfortable and knew he was the man for the job. Watty said, “His demeanor, bedside manner, and compassion were above and beyond. He’s one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met. Not just because he performed my surgery, but because he truly exemplifies kindness. Thank you Dr. Obi for your service and carrying the torch of humanity!” A special thank you to all the medical professionals that keep putting us back together.



Sergeant Higgs of the Cowlitz Tribal Police Department woke up to a surprise! Adjacent to his home, a local church is being remodeled. Due to this there have been a few minor inconveniences about moving vehicles and not being able to use the driveway/garage while they were resurfacing the parking lot.

Then recently he was approached by the foreman of Scuffy Paving Inc., as he was headed to his shift. The foreman immediately apologized for the inconveniences and asked if he could repave the driveway/alley (which was not in great shape) of his house to make up for it. He was told it wasn't necessary but he contacted the landlord to ensure it was ok. He and his crew did a great job filling and blacktopping the drive. When asked why he wanted to do it he said, “I just want to have the lot and the alley/driveway match” playing off his good deed.

The Kindness Citation was presented to the Scuffy Paving Crew with a bunch of smiles, fist bumps, a few laughs and a large thank you!! In the end they responded that they were glad to help and told Sergeant Higgs to make sure he stayed safe on shift.

You never know when kindness is just waiting at the end of your driveway. Sgt. Higgs commented about kind act and enjoyed the fact that it brought a group of people together that might not normally interact too much. This interaction inspired him and renewed his faith in the amazing people out there.



Blue Line Bears is a nonprofit organization in Florida with the goal of helping the children of fallen Law Enforcement officers cope with the devastating loss of a parent. Since the inception of BLB too many law enforcement officers across the country have been killed in the line of duty, many of them leaving behind children and/or grandchildren. Blue Line Bears was created by Megan O’Grady, a teenager and daughter of a police officer whose goal it is to help the children of fallen officers through the difficult loss of their parent. Children of law enforcement officers grow up realizing that their parent’s life is at risk every day they go to work. Add to that the fact that there is much public ridicule of law enforcement officers, and deaths in the line of duty are sudden, shocking and violent. With all of this in mind, Blue Line Bears will not only provide a lasting keepsake to help keep the officer’s memory alive, but will also help their child to see that there are caring individuals who respect and appreciate men and women in uniform. Children of officers killed in the line of duty are oftentimes young, perhaps too young to remember the parent who died. For those children, a bear from Blue Line Bears will provide a tangible reminder that their loved one will always be with them. To date, Megan and Blue Line Bears has delivered 619 custom hand sewn bears.

Megan, thank you for your selflessness and your desire to care for the children of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting the blue line. For more information on her work you can find her on Facebook or



On March 26, 2020, Officer Sherwood King of the Ridgefield Police Department was talking to DeMitre Rodriguez, a local auto detailer, about a recent call he had been on. A family who lives in a local apartment complex had their family vehicle hit while in their carport. The vehicle that hit them left obvious damage but the family decided to let go, not file a report and forgive the person that hit their vehicle.

DeMitre, who works for a computer chip manufacturer but was recently laid off due to Coronavirus concerns. However, he also has his own detailing business on the side. DeMitre offered to come and take a look at the vehicle that was damaged and see what he could do to fix it. After Officer King and DeMitre met with the family he was able to buff out the damage and even cleaned and restored their headlights for them. He even offered to fix the paint damaged area. When all was said and done DeMitre informed them that his time and services were on the house. He simply wanted to do a good deed for a family in need that also chose to do good themselves by how they handled the incident.

When issued his Kindness Citation he replied, “Receiving the Kindness Citation was a great eye opener during these hard times. It made me realize that my auto detailing helps people in more ways then I thought. I do the best I can to help people feel good about the cars they own. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be recognized by law enforcement in such a positive way!”

DeMitre is the type of person to always put others needs before his own and Officer King has seen this type of generosity from him before. DeMitre is an example of kindness, generosity and servanthood. In times like this, Ridgefield is fortunate to have a wonderful person like him with a heart for others.

LATE ADDITION: An Inter-Office memo from Sgt. Jason Ferriss following the incident shared a correspondence with the woman that received the kind act. Sgt. Ferriss wrote, “I just want to start off with Officer King went above and beyond.” Where she then said, “I had a little car incident in my apartments complex. But with talking to my pastor I decided to let it go and take a loss. But I recieved an unexpected call from Officer King. He had someone come out and detail the scratches off for free. I was having a ruff week, my job isnt going to pay me so bills are getting tight and to make all matters worse my aunt caught the Covid-19 in Indiana and the doctors had given up on her. So I lost hope. I needed some uplifting news something to help me brighten up all this crazy madness. Officer King did just that I cried in tears after I recieved that call. Thank you Officer King for giving me a great experience. Thank you for your kind heart. Thank you for being apart of our great community. Thank you oh so much! This is why kindness matters and it starts off with one person and I'm glad I had a great experience with Officer King and his great kind heart. May you be blessed a million different ways!” In closing Sgt. Ferriss wrote, “In this incident you (Officer King) went above and beyond to help a citizen that was having a very difficult time in her life. Thank you for continuing to represent the Ridgefield Police Department with exceptional service to the community.”

You just never know how many hearts one act of kindness touch! Keep caring for each other!


Watch to honor our Medical Community and all First Responders. If you missed it just click here and spread kindness everywhere.


Watch our film on YouTube to relive this awesome "Solidarity Drive"


A special thank to the following for covering our event: 





Most times I write lengthy descriptions of a citation that we have been able to give out to a worthy recipient. However tonight I am going to let the words of a mom and the love for her 3 year old son, on his birthday, do the talking. Here is what she wrote: “No playgrounds, no play dates, no visits with grandparents or aunties has been tough for my three year old son Diego and I. It’s such a tough time for so many. I am thankful that we have each other. I was finding it difficult to get excited about his birthday ‘party’ when the guests would be on the computer screen... but I was ready to make the most of it. Blowing out candles, hitting a piñata and opening gifts while other kids looked on from their computers at home was... well, there was a sadness in the back of my mind... however we were making the most of it... as the ‘party’ was wrapping up we were persuaded by a friend to go outside and stand by the road. I was confused tp say the least. When I saw the procession of lights and the officers followed by the very friends and family whom we couldn’t invite to Diego’s birthday party along with caring people from the community that we didn’t even know well, I can honestly say that was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had. The kind of thing I shed a tear for when I see it on tv but I never imagine it could happen to my son and I. It was so much to take in! My son was in awe! It was so kind of you all to take the time and drive by and wish him a happy birthday! It means the world to us!!! What a spectacular moment and incredibly special memory.”


YouTube link:




On 4/16/2020 Abby suffered a life changing heart event. She is a wife, mother, educator and leader in our community and we came too close to losing her. To show our love for her we celebrated her in Kindness 911 style. Click the link above and watch as Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement and 85 of her closest friends, family and colleagues truly celebrate and pay tribute to Abby. Get well!


KINDNESS CITATIONS K911-00203 & 00204


We recently had the privilege of sending Kindness Citations to Jaxon and Eliot of San Juan Island for their selfless and amazing service to their community. These two boys raise chickens, to farm the eggs, sell the eggs at their little farm stand and then donate all the profits to their local food bank. We would have never had this opportunity if it hadn’t been for a member of their community going to and clicking on “Nominate A Hero”. Today, to my joy, I saw the post that their father put up and wanted to share it with you.


Their father Justin wrote, “Today was an odd day. The boys received an unusual letter in the mail. Amber opened it before giving it to them because she was sure it was some kind of scam. Turns out that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Both the boys officially received their first ever citations.


The cool part: The boys were nominated by a community member to be recipients of a Kindness 911 citation. From their recent donation to the Food Bank, they received a citation and were recognized as outstanding community members.


The really cool (and meaningful) part: A Kindness 911 citation is pretty special. But that’s only the surface. Accompanying their citations was a personalized, hand-written note from the organizations director, Jason Hattrick. That he took the time to recognize both the boys, took the time to make the note customized to them and wrote an amazing letter that actually resonated with both of them when they received it was amazing.


The SUPER COOL part: Kindness 911! I had never heard of this organization before this. They are a group of law enforcement professionals from Clark County, WA dedicated to connecting law enforcement with those they serve in a positive way. For them to reach all the way up to San Juan County to recognize a couple goofy kids is an honor. What they do to inspire and reward positivity in the community is inspiring in itself. We feel blessed to have been connected with this group and will certainly be supporting their mission.

Thank you Jason Hattrick, your board and everyone at Kindness 911 for making today’s lesson an easy one! And thank you Kevin White for making sure little things don’t go unnoticed.”


KINDNESS CITATION K911-00201/00202


Maybe it is because I grew up in a musical family? Maybe it is because I have sang my entire life? One thing is true however, the day I stumbled across these “Kindness Citation” recipients my life was truly touched.


Mat and Savanna Shaw are the musical father-daughter dynamic duo from Utah that simply wanted to try something new in these times of quarantine. They had no idea what was about to happen. Mat is a father and husband who likes to sing around the house and his daughter Savanna only recently got on social media for the first time. Now they sing together to simply bring joy to others that are stuck at home. However, this simple act of kindness has translated into millions of lives touched and even a stop on the Kelly Clarkson Show.


This duo has performed some of my favorites: A Million Dreams, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and All I Ask of You to name a few. The first song I heard them perform though was “The Prayer” (that has now been seen 5.8 million times) and I became an instant fan. I was able to contact Mat and mailed his and Savanna’s “Kindness Citations” to let them know what a great thing they are doing, bringing smiles to people’s faces and joy to people’s hearts. Kindness 911 simply wanted to say, “Thank you!”


If I cannot fly let me sing ~Stephen Sondheim


“The Prayer” performed by Mat & Savanna Shaw

Kindness 911 was thrilled to pull off a wonderful Kindness Sting for Jeremiah last night. A special thank you to Clark County Fire District 6 for capturing the event and for Clark County Sheriffs Office and Ridgefield Police for being part of impacting our community one kind act at a time.  A special thank you also to Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings and Burgerville for making this families day!

Jeremiah Ring's His Bell!




Oliver is a young boy from Kansas with two goals in life. He dreams of being a police officer and the other is to make people smile! I first became aware of Oliver when I saw him featured on ABC News (link below). This young cop arrives at nursing homes mounted on his electric police motorcycle to deliver pure joy! He distributes tickets for being cute to the seniors along with a rose. If that weren’t enough, he also offers each and everyone of them a hug which are always redeemed with a smile. Why does he do it? He says it best, “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”


Recently however, Oliver had caught my attention again! It was a Facebook post of his mother’s of him visiting the memorial for Officer Mike Mosher of the Overland Park Police Department (link below). Oliver truly wanted to pay his respects to the person that wore the badge and the family man behind the badge. When he knelt to pray for Officer Mosher that is when it hit me… sometimes the smallest voices ring the loudest and sometimes the fewer the words the greater the impact. Thank you Oliver for your service to your community!


After Oliver received his Kindness Citation in the mail (link below) his mother commented, “This citation made Oliver feel great. He tries to help out whenever and wherever he can. He said, "This makes me want to do more good deeds for others.”” It was truly an honor to issue Oliver a Kindness Citation and thank you Brandi for letting us be there virtually with you!


Today, be someones light in the darkness, love relentlessly and always stay cute!


ABC News Story:

Oliver @ Officer Mosher's Memorial:

Oliver receiving his Kindness Citation:


Kindness Citation K911-00210/211


Today I got the honor of meeting Kristy Childers and Molly Hess! These are two of Clark County’s shining stars. This afternoon, partnered with Ruby Jewels Ice Cream, they hosted a food drive to benefit Share of Vancouver. Thank you both for braving the weather and carrying so much for your community!


Today Kindness 911, with the help of the amazingly talented Nicole from The Cheerful Cookie, were able to go out and show our appreciation for the incredible first responders who we proudly support. Thank you to the Clark County Sheriffs Office, Ridgefield Police Department, Cowlitz Tribal Police Department and our friends at Clark County Fire District 6 for all that you do!




Reyna & Terrie are citizens that have a heart for those that serve it daily. As Ridgefield Police Officer King stepped outside the office he was welcomed with armfuls of treats, drinks and a whole lot of appreciation!


Reyna is an aspiring law enforcement officer and when asked what brought her down she said, “I wanted to show the officers that even at this time that... people still care about them. It made me feel like I could make a good impact on my community which makes me happy.” Her grandmother Terrie was also so happy to be cited for her kindness!




Thank you Eric & Mandie for allowing us permission to share Parker’s story.


Before Parker set our on his journey towards graduation he was faced with so many obstacles. Parker began having seizures before he was born, he has a single kidney, a rare blood disease, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome and the left side of his brain did not finish developing, which leads to a lower IQ and other learning disabilities. Through all of his obstacles, disabilities and struggles he has overcome and finished high school with plans of moving on to a local adult transition program called GATE.


Today we set out to make this inspirational young man’s graduation as memorable as possible. Kindness 911 along with Cowlitz Tribal Police, Ridgefield Police, Clark County Fire District 6, The Patriots Guard and lots of friends and family paraded past his house truly making his day!


His mom said, “Through everything Parker has never let it get him down, he's the most genuine happy child you will ever meet. He's everybody's biggest cheerleader and has a zest for life like no other.” She went on to say about the graduation parade, “Parker was speechless, he cried with emotion, as we all did. I cannot thank you enough for giving my miracle child this amazing memory for the rest of his life. After the parade was over and everyone left, he hugged me and cried and said how amazing he felt seeing so much love and support.”


Parker it was truly an honor to celebrate you... CONGRATULATIONS! Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!

Kindness Sting on Facebook Live