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Kindness 911 gets to serve our community through our amazing Kindness Cops & Crew every day but we also have the honor of supporting those that do the serving. I get razzed a lot for my sleep habits (or lack of) but tonight as I sat at the precinct connecting with a Kindness Cop I was reminded that I am doing something I am passionate about with individuals that I consider family. I started my morning issuing Kindness Citations in Camas and Vancouver and this afternoon in North Plains while closing out this wonderful day and welcoming a new one in Ridgefield.

Kindness, care, support and relationships don’t happen at certain times, during regular business hours. There are opportunities everywhere and at all hours. If you know a First Responder take a moment and thank them, share a word of appreciation, write them a note, treat them to a cup of coffee… but simply do something as they are amazing and deserve our best whether morning, noon or midnight!

Yesterday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day but at Kindness 911 that is every day!


Kindness Citation K911-00625

Everyone deserves to know that they are appreciated and Kindness 911 enjoys taking the opportunity to do just that. Recently we were in North Plains, OR and made a stop at the local police department to simply thank them for their service. We knocked on the door but no one answered but that didn’t stop us! We slid a Kindness Citation and a few wristbands into the cruisers window as a sign of our appreciation.

Later that day Deputy Conway replied back after receiving her Citation saying, “Now more than ever its so nice to have the community show they care and support us!” We do!

Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


Kindness Citation RPD-00784-787

Sometimes the job takes our Kindness Cops into uncharted territory. In this case, while perusing a truck multiple patrol vehicles got stuck in a muddy field. Sami and those that work the farm were honored to jump in and lend a hand.

Sami shared, “we had the ability to pull the vehicles out. We hooked up a few cables and chains and were able to pull them out without having to spend money on a tow truck. They were all so personable, grateful, and humble. It was nice to be able to give back to them, when the world has made it so hard for them to just do their jobs.”

The Officers from Ridgefield and Cowlitz Tribal Police are thankful for your kindness. Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


Kindness Citation K911-00625/626

Devyn and Austin are the owners Dev's Coffee Bar. They have reached out to Kindness 911 a couple of times in support of our Kindness Cops & Crew. They have a true heart for those that serve and in return serve their community every day.

Thank you for your service with a smile. Go Team Sasquatch!


Gresham Police Kindness Citation

While on patrol in the Rockwood area Gresham Police Officer Luken saw an elderly couple on a walk and picking up trash. These two believed in their community and were doing their part to leave it a little better than they found it. Officer Luken couldn’t just drive by. She pulled off and quickly issued these amazing Gresham citizens Kindness Citations for being true ambassadors of their community!

Keep impacting your community one kind act (and piece of trash) at a time! You are truly appreciated!


Ridgefield Kindness Citations

Denzel Washington once said, “…it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” On this day the Ridgefield community did a beautiful thing for someone who didn’t even need to ask.

At the Ridgefield AM/PM a single mother with two small children was stranded and facing a difficult situation. Hearing what was going on the store owner, Roop, didn’t hesitate to fill the woman’s gas tank for free and give her and her children snacks for the road ahead. Overhearing what was happening, a bystander felt led to donate $20 to the woman to make her life a tiny bit better. Officer Pavelko purchased the young woman a bunch of diapers and food while Officer Wattson gifted her a voucher for the Best Western in Battle Ground.

This woman and mother pulled in to the AM/PM, facing the unknown, with nothing more than a prayer. I like to think that some of those prayers were answered by this incredible group of people. Thank you all for impacting your community one (or four!) kind acts at a time!


It is always wonderful when when an Officer, not part of Kindness 911, is excited to be part of a Kindness 911 Sting. It is even more flattering when they want to give out Kindness Citations and do something positive in their community. Officer Crutcher of the La Center Police Department is one of the few left carrying the torch for an amazing community and we are so happy that he is!

We at Kindness 911 can’t wait to see the wonderful people in his community being recognized for all they do! Welcome to the family Officer Crutcher!

Kindness 911 family let’s show him our appreciation!!!

Today, Kindness 911 remembers Vancouver Police Officer Donald Sahota, his family, the Vancouver Police Department, his brothers & sisters in Blue throughout Clark County and across the Country. Thank you for your good and faithful service.

Often times after a significant loss, as our community has just suffered, it is that very community that wants to do something to process all they are experiencing or show their support for those directly impacted. It doesn’t matter if your a civilian or first responder, we all go through this, me included.

Inspired by a past Kindness Citation recipient Zechariah of @Running4Heroes I talked with them and asked if Kindness 911 could follow Zechariah’s tribute mile with one of our own to honor Vancouver Police Officer Donald Sahota and begin healing together as a community.

This FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th @ 7:00PM we will meet under the lights on the track at Hudson’s Bay High School (1601 E McLoughlin Blvd, Vancouver, WA) to walk/jog ONE MILE to honor a great man and public servant and provide an opportunity for a community to support each other. This is not a long event but a purposeful one.


US Digital Media Video


Finally, Kindness 911 got to meet the wonderful Susan Stearns from the Pink Lemonade Project. We were so honored to share with them our efforts in selling our Kindness 911 Pink Patches to support their mission of educating, empowering and supporting those affected by breast cancer.

Thank you for making an amazing impact in our community. Thank you also to Lieutenant Doriot of the Ridgefield Police Department for your passion for this project and for motivating us to come on board.


Kindness Citations

Enjoying the beautiful Pacific NW can sometimes take a dangerous turn. Recently Shaun was kayaking on the Columbia River when his kayak overturned. Shaun being unable to get back in his kayak was able to grab onto some driftwood stuck to a piling but was quickly becoming hypothermic. Shaun, being prepared, called 911 from his phone and the dispatcher stayed on the line with him during this entire ordeal.

With no nearby rescue boats and a Coast Guard Helo still way too far out, the team at CRESA had to think of another plan. Their newest hero, Sally, had the brilliant idea to call Pekin Ferry boat launch where they got ahold of the caretaker. Chris was instantly concerned and willing to help. He got his boat in the water with the help of his friends Gregg and Aram and they were on their way.

Meanwhile, on the phone and after being in the cold water for a long time, Shaun is telling the team at CRESA that he is not sure he is going to make it and thinks he has maybe 10 minutes left before he loses consciousness. Kelly stayed on the phone with him the entire time giving him encouragement to hang on but time was limited.

This is when Chris and his friends from Pekin Ferry miraculously pulled up to Shaun and pulled him from the cold water into their boat.

Recently Kindness 911 returned to Pekin Ferry with Shaun along with Kindness Cops from Cowlitz Tribal, Ridgefield and La Center Police Departments to honor Chris, Gregg and Aram for their assist in saving Shaun’s life. They were issued Kindness Citations and our friends at Big Als gave a $200 gift card so Chris and his kids could come celebrate his good deed.

I also want to celebrate our unsung heroes from CRESA. Without them being their, working as a team and caring deeply for their community we very likely would have lost Shaun. The entire team of, Ness, Joshua, Sayne, Piggott, Roxanne, Marcy, Marcie, Sally and Kelly were miracle workers this day. Well done everyone!!!


Did you know that every Kindness Citation that is issued by our “Kindness Cops & Crew” to amazing members of our community represents a gift to a local charity on behalf of our incredible Kindness 911 agencies? Recently Jason from Kindness 911 and Officer Debiak from the Cowlitz Tribal Police visited the Clark County Food Bank to show them our appreciation for feeding our community.

Keep impacting your community one kind act, and food box, at a time!


Kindness Citation K911-00390

We recently saw a post on social media that said, “Thank you to the Officer who stopped and hung out with the kiddos for a bit! Basketball, jokes and football!!! The kids loved every moment of it and it made their day as well as mine!!! He played for a good 30 min with the kids before he headed out!!!” After reading the post I realized I recognized the patrol car and went on the hunt for this Kindness Cop.

It didn’t take long before I discovered it was Battle Ground Police Sergeant Perdue. A veteran cop that knows the power of taking time and building relationships with those he serves. He has no idea the post existed and when I showed up to issue him his Kindness Citation he was even more surprised. He shared, “What a great surprise. I get to do a lot of fun and exciting things at work so being "cited" was a surprise. BE KIND TO OTHERS!!”

Battle Ground, you are lucky to have Sgt. Perdue serving your community!


Kindness Citation CCSO-00067

CCSO Deputy Layton took time today honor Clark County Sheriffs Office employee Mary Malicki for her faithful service to the agency. She has served the CCSO for 30 years, 8 months and 13 days. That is 11,216 days of service to a community she cares deeply for and today she walks out to new adventures.

Mary, thank you so much for your valuable contribution and for all the lives you have touched.


Kindness Citation WPD-00101

Jenniel has been a fixture at our communities local Safeway for many years. Every time Sgt. Houts of the Washougal Police sees Jenniel he notices her cheerfulness, energy and outstanding service to each and every customer. Whether she is bagging groceries or carrying them out she is a ray of sunshine even in the pouring rain! After being issued her Kindness Citation she commented, “I was so surprised at my job and it felt so awesome . It made my day even better. It made me feel like I am very much appreciated in my community.”

Jenniel works very hard assisting others and sets a great example for all and that is why she was issued a well deserved Kindness Citation. Thank you Jenniel for all you do and keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


Gresham Police

We are so excited to have Chief Gullberg and Lieutenant Miller of the Gresham Police Department joining the Kindness 911 Family. “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” Thank you for being that example and impacting your community one kind act at a time.



Kindness Citation K911-00393

This amazing individual is retired from the Tampa Police Department and now stands her post volunteering at the Tampa Police Museum. Kindness 911 had the honor of meeting her, hearing her story and having her share some of Tampa PD’s treasures. It is amazing that their city has made this time capsule, historical archive and monument to those heroes serving their community and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Well done Tampa! Keep making an impact One Kind Act at a time!


Kindness 911 is so grateful that our journey crossed paths with Bess Wills and the team from Gresham Ford. They are more than a dealership, but a family! We are beyond grateful for their support and that they continue to ask how they can support our mission of positively impacting our community and support our First Responders. Thank you for living up to your motto!


Kindness Citation K911-00394/395

We got to issue Kindness Citations to Officer Vanns Evers and one of their Sergeants of the Tampa PD and thank them for their service. The appreciation on their faces was gratitude enough. One of them shared, “What a nice surprise! It's always nice to hear good things from strangers.”

Have you thanked a First Responder for their service lately? Let’s make sure they all know how much we appreciate them!


Kindness Citation

During our recent, late February cold snap, many were caught unprepared. It was reported that one 20 degree morning the employees of Fueled Bistro in Ridgefield found a woman sleeping on the ground in front of their establishment. Without hesitation they invited her in to warm up, gave her a hot cup of coffee and made her a meal as they prepared to open for the day. When Officer Doran heard about this outpouring of kindness he has to issue them a Kindness Citation.

Life may be busy but we must always take time for others. Great job Fueled! Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


Kindness Citation K911-00592

It’s not everyday that you are walking down the street and come across a restaurant with your name on it! Well on a recent trip to Tampa, Florida that is exactly what happened!! What a fun place to hang out and watch a game and their slogan, “Where nobody wants to know your name” just made me laugh.

I got to meet the Manager Steve to share my appreciation and who Kindness 911 is. He quickly shared his love and support for all First Responders and that is why I issued him a Kindness Citation. Thanks for all the smiles you create and thanks for the Hattrick’s T-shirt. I will wear it proudly!!!


Kindness Citation K911-00483

Today I got to meet Aaron Sinclair. He had arranged a fundraiser for the Sahota family where people could purchase metal, commemorative wristbands where the profits would go directly to the family. When I picked mine up I thanked him and offered him one of Kindness 911 wristbands in return. The best part… he had never heard of us, so the next part was even better! I pulled from my pocket the Kindness Citation I had for him and thanked him so much for taking on this task for his community, the VPD and the Sahota family.

We all heal in different ways and we greatly appreciate you giving us another way to carry Don’s legacy with us.


Kindness Citation WPD-00161

Washougal Police Sgt. Houts was flagged down by Nicholas and his family. They had seen a man near the park that looked like they needed assistance. Officers were sent to the area and located the person who was thankfully ok but a great reminder to never assume everything is fine and call for help.

Sgt. Houts thanked Nicholas and his family for taking action when they saw someone in need. After being issued his Kindness Citation Nicholas shared, “It was an honor to feel gratitude and acknowledgement from the officer. My children thought it was so awesome. We always try to do the right thing, and look out for our neighbors. It was truly rewarding to feel a little appreciation for our effort.”

Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


A Legacy of Kindness

Kindness Citation K911-00606

In 1985, the students at Eisenhower Elementary (including me) thought our Janitor was the coolest guy on the planet! He had nine fingers, wore a T-shirt that said “ANIMAL” and would be seen walking across the cafeteria on his hands. For an elementary kiddo that made you an instant legend!!!

“Animal” is also known as Mike and has been serving the Vancouver School District from his hand walking days to today when I got the honor of bumping into the legend himself. Mike is still giving his all both at his job and working with kids at church. One of the kindest people you could know. After being issued his Kindness Citation he shared, “It was quite surprising. The person I received the citation from was a student I had known many years ago at Eisenhower elementary. It's been nice to catch up every now and again over the years and it's always a pleasure to see him. Again, this is something I didn't expect but will really appreciate and treasure for many years to come.”

Who is someone from your past that is waiting to hear from you? Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time.