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In the NW we get a lot of rain but when we get one of those beautiful, blue sky, Winter days they are truly a treat. While wrapping up my commute on one of these special days something even more special caught my attention. I saw a family of four on an afternoon walk (which I suppose is special all on its own). What caught my eye however was the full garbage bags they were carrying while picking up litter about every ten steps. This is a thought so many of us have had but they put it into action for the good of their community. This is the very reason that I always travel with my Kindness Citation. I pulled into the next street and waited for them at the next block to tell them how appreciative Kindness 911 was for their act of service. This is where I issued Josh, Dawn, Dylan and Rowan their Kindness Citation. After being cited they shared, “We just wanted to clean up our neighborhood but being recognized like this was unexpected and so awesome! It made us feel like people appreciate people caring.”

Thank you, and we most definitely appreciate you! It is my hope that your actions inspire other families to turn their next walk into a walk with purpose. All it takes is a garbage bag and a willing heart! If you and your family take up this challenge, please take a picture and post it in the comments below. You never know who you might inspire also!

Well done!!!



This is a story out of Illinois that you may have already seen but you will want to read again. Anyone could simply share a post but as you know, Kindness 911 always strives to take a more personal approach. With that, I hope you have your heart touched by this inspirational Kindness Citation story.

On August 1, 2019 two perfect strangers, Lakken and Harry, had no idea that their paths were going to cross at the end of Aisle 29. Lakken went to the local Walmart with his Aunt Rylee when he happened to see an elderly man that was having a hard time shopping and finding things as he physically couldn’t lift his head up or see straight. Lakken asked his Aunt if he could go offer to help him out. This wasn’t surprising as Lakken has always had a big heart! He went up to the man and asked him if he would like some help. The gentleman’s eyes lit up and he replied, “Well yes! That would be amazing young man! Thank you so much!” Lakken was seen running all over the place for him. Harry was so happy he told Lakken’s Aunt that he hadn’t had help in years and he was so happy he ran into an amazing, smart, young man like Lakken! Lakken’s Aunt was so proud of him! Lakken continued his work, helped him check out, bagged his stuff and even had them call his bus for him! Upon their parting Harry tried to tip Lakken for his work but Lakken simply smiled and said no thank you and told Harry how much he enjoyed helping him. What a wonderful example.

Here is more you wouldn’t have heard as I had the great privilege of talking to Lakken’s mother Hailey. She shared that the kindness didn’t stop there! Lakken begged her to start helping Harry more often so she started helping take care of his apartment for a while. Lakken truly just wanted to be sure he was cared for and the relationship grew.

When Lakken was asked about his relationship with Harry he said, "I saw a elderly man who needed help and all these people walked past him like it was nothing. You could tell he could use the help even though he said he didn't need it. We talked the whole way through Walmart. He even tried to tip me but I told him there was no way I was taking anything from him. I enjoyed talking to him and helping him. I dont know how or why but he meant so much to me. It was like another grandpa!" So it was very clear why we had to issue Lakken a Kindness Citation. When it arrived in the mail from across the country he said to his mother, "I can’t believe someone from Washington knows about this. All I did was help a senior at Walmart mom. That's so cool!" We were told that Lakken still wears his Kindness 911 wristbands proudly everyday.

Seven months later the story takes an unexpected turn but I don’t want you to lose the message that Lakken is teaching us. Tragically our dear friend Harry was struck by a vehicle when crossing the road near his apartment and was taken from us. Needless to say, Lakken took this loss very hard.

Loss is inevitable and we are never promised a tomorrow. So what we do today truly matters. Lakken made a choice in a Walmart at the end of Aisle 29 that will forever add joy to his life. He said yes to an opportunity instead of waiting for the next time. He gave his most valuable resource, time, and built an amazing and unexpected friendship. So, the next time you have a choice to make... think of Lakken. It may lead to something wonderful and unexpected!

“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.” ~Unknown

From our Kindness 911 Family to all the husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and four-legged friends that serve in law enforcement... THANK YOU!!!

To all of our Kindness 911 “Kindness Cops” that volunteer their time to serve and impact our community one kind act at a time we are so grateful for you. You are truly the best!


Kindness Citation K911-00342

Chelsea is an artist with a passion for her Country and those that protect it. She is also a New Yorker. A few years ago Chelsea was introduced to a family whose husband and father was a police officer, volunteer firefighter and 9/11 hero. Sadly this hero had passed away from 9/11 related cancer but as part of the Fallen Feather Project Chelsea was honored to paint wings in his blessed memory.


This past September the story came full circle. Chelsea was asked to paint two patriotic murals over the beds of this fallen heroes boys. They are a powerful reminder of the American spirit and the heroes who risk and sacrifice so much to protect us. They are also a testament to the wonderful person that Chelsea is and how much she cares for others, her community and Country. After receiving her Kindness Citation she said, “I don’t feel I am doing anything extraordinary by supporting our police. It did feel very nice to know that there is a huge community and population out there who embrace the same sense of appreciation I have. I am happy to be part of this group of people and appreciate the thoughtful gesture, outreach and work that you are all doing. Thank you for including me!”


Thank you Chelsea for impacting your community one kind act (and brush stroke) at a time!


Kindness Citation RFPD-00160

We all know someone in our lives that fills their cup with positivity and joy by filling the cup of others around them. Tiffany is that person. She also serves her community as an ER Nurse! Today, she saw Officer Wattson in his patrol unit doing paperwork and took it upon herself to take care of his coffee for him.


Officer Wattson, Kindness Cop to the core, without hesitating issued her a Kindness Citation for her thoughtfulness to a stranger and kindness to her community. It is no secret that she does kind acts just like this throughout Ridgefield and beyond.


Thank you Tiffany for making an ordinary moment extraordinary and do special! You are impacting your community one kind act (and cup of coffee) at a time!

Happy 100th Birthday Ruby!


Castle Rock, Washington had a special citizen that they wanted to celebrate and Kindness 911 was happy to jump in.  Along with the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office, Castle Rock Police Department and the Patriot Guard Riders we gave Ruby the 100th birthday she deserved.  We also wanted to thank her for her over 80 years of service to the Ladies Auxiliary VFW!

Keep it up Ruby!

Facebook Live:  https://fb.watch/35J76FaDEZ/


For those that are unaware, Thurston County Sheriffs Office K-9 Arlo was shot twice in the line of duty earlier this week. Due to the amazing work of doctors, Arlo was able to come home from the hospital Monday in heroes fashion. He is home resting with his family now. Kindness 911 family, let’s send our prayers and good thoughts!


Last week Kindness 911 had the great pleasure of celebrating Ruby Hazen’s 100th Birthday in Castle Rock, Washington. We were honored to be invited by our friends with the Patriot Guard Riders. However, when they invited me and asked if I could bring some “Kindness Cops” they were shocked to learn that we have no law enforcement agencies part of Kindness 911 in Cowlitz County (yet ).


We could have looked at the obstacle but instead focused on the opportunity to provide an experience. Kindness 911 reached out to Sheriff Thurman of the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Neves of the Castle Rock Police Department and they were more than happy to help out. A special thank you to CCSO Deputies Beedle, Spaulding & K-9 Icarus along with CRPD Officer Zimmerman for stepping up to represent your community and make Ruby’s day! Not only that, but it was an honor to issue each of you a “Kindness Citation” for your service.


Each of you, and your agencies, are impacting your communities one kind act at a time.



We would typically see Andrew at the local Chuck’s Produce Market working and greeting customers. However, it is his positive energy, care for others and smile that lights up a room that everyone remembers. In short, it’s not the job or the work but the relationships! This is why when we heard he was turning 40, Kindness 911 had to swing by with a couple friends!


Andrew’s sister Annie reached out and shared a little about the brother she loves so dearly. Andrew has Down’s Syndrome, but because of an earlier surgery this year and the risks of Covid he has had to stay home to keep himself safe. Even though he has enjoyed some of his favorite things like karaoke and playing his harmonica to pass the time, he has missed his favorite thing... YOU! His sister had arranged a surprise birthday parade for friends and family and that’s where we came in.


Kindness 911 along with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Clark County Fire District 6 (Station 63) were dispatched to deliver an Andrew-sized smile! After rolling up, we were able to celebrate Andrew, issue him a Kindness Citation and a new wristband! We also want to send a special thank you to the Chuck’s Produce Family who made Andrew an amazing birthday cake for us deliver!!!


We should never underestimate the importance of having those people in our lives that make us smile. Today, in honor of Andrew, let’s each be the reason someone smiles today!


Thank you Andrew for impacting our communities one kind act (and smile) at a time!




Kindness 911 is so fortunate to be able to issue Kindness Citations throughout our community. However, it is equally as exciting when a follower visits Kindness911.org and chooses to nominate a community hero. One extra gratifying step is when you realize that we have followers all the way across this awesome Country wanting a little bit of Kindness 911 magic in their community. With that, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Marti from Missouri!


Marti has been a trauma nurse for over 15 years as well as a patient advocate within her community. However, before all that she served her Country as a member of the US Army and we want to thank her for her dedicated service. With a background like this you already know that she is wired to help others. This continued when Covid hit. She, along with so many other brave frontline workers, selflessly left their families to care for those in desperate need of care in New York, several states away.


To further embody a “service before self” philosophy Marti has organized a variety of events for her local community. There are times of the year you will find her organizing a clothing drive or bicycle drive. At other times she is coordinating car seat safety and bicycle safety classes to ensure the safety of the children in her area. All while giving her most precious commodity…time. The person that nominated her proudly shared, “She has a heart the size of Alaska because saying that she has a heart the size of Texas, well that just isn't big enough.”


Marti, we are so thankful that you were nominated as a community hero and grateful that we were able to issue you a Kindness Citation. You truly are the embodiment of kindness, generosity and service to all. Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!

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