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Kindness Citation GPD-00031

What is Santa without his reindeer? Well that is where Cindy from Timberview Farm Reindeer comes in. Cindy brought her Christmas Ambassadors to the Reindeer in Rockwood event last month. She owns nine reindeer, the only ones in Oregon, and was kind enough to bring two of them to this event for the children to see. It was a big hit!

After being cited Cindy shared, “I was so surprised!” Thank you for impacting your community one kind act (and reindeer) at a time!

Kindness Citation K911-00706

Have you ever been really lost? Recently I was delivering treats to local agencies and thought I would stop in at the Port of Portland Police. After parking on the 3rd floor of the long term lot (which I thought was right) I took the elevator to the 1st floor (as it was the only button) to then get in another elevator to the 8th floor where I met Murphy. I told her who I was and where I was heading and she kindly let me know I wasn’t anywhere close (lol). She then offered to walk me all the way to where I wanted to go and we had a great chat on the way.

Murphy, thank you for getting me to the Port of Portland Police. Without your help I may have never made it and not been able to spread some holiday cheer. You are an amazing representative of the Port of Portland!

Kindness Citation K911-00708/709

Kindness 911 loves supporting our agencies and it is always wonderful to celebrate the accomplishments of these great people. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office recently named Deputy Pavlenko and Deputy Gonzalez as their Enforcement Deputies of the Year. That was definitely worth a Kindness Citation!

As part of their recognition for their work they were awarded the use of two of the newest vehicles to the fleet, 2022 black Chevy Tahoe patrol vehicles with a reflective graphics package. So awesome!

Congratulations to both of you and keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!


JANUARY 9, 2022


Thank you all for your service!  It is our honor to support you in return.

Kindness Citation

I can’t believe it! I was in a meeting at the Gresham Police Department when another Officer just walks in and interrupts. Then they even drooled on my pants. Wait… did I mention that it was Tagg the Comfort Dog? I admit it was the best interruption ever!

Tagg is one of the first comfort dogs in the Pacific Northwest. He is a shining example of having animals in mental health and wellness programs. Officers looked for a comfort dog in 2019 as a resource to the community and staff through the Peer Support Program. Guide Dogs for the Blind graciously donated Tagg, a black Lab raised in California. He trained to support people in the blind community.
With a move and career change, Tagg was officially sworn in as the Gresham Police Department Comfort Dog.

Tagg’s duties include:
1. Tagg and his handler are assigned to the Gresham Behavioral Health Unit. This co-responder team pairs a mental health clinician and police officer, who respond to people in crisis.
2. Tagg is part of the Police Department's Peer Support Team. He engages with officers and staff to help reduce stress and anxiety following stressful or traumatic incidents.
3. Tagg is a community engagement resource. He takes part in community events like National Night Out, Dog Days of Summer and makes school visits too!

To follow Tagg’s adventures follow him on Instagram at “Tagg.Time” and thanks for making my afternoon extra special!

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