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“It isn’t how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Each year Kindness 911 has the joy of making a donation on behalf of each of our Kindness 911 agencies to a charity of their choice. It is also a way we honor all those that have received Kindness Citations throughout the year. The Season of Giving can only be done through your generous, private donations we receive over the course of the year and we thank you so much!

This year we celebrated:

* Camp Rosenbaum - Vancouver PD

* Clark County Food Bank - Cowlitz Tribal PD

* KIDS Center - Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

* KIDS Center - Redmond PD

* Kiwanis of Sandy - Sandy PD

* My Father’s House - Gresham PD

* Pink Lemonade Project - Ridgefield PD

* ReFuel - Washougal PD

* Sandy Community Action Center - Clackamas Fire District 1

* Santa’s Posse - Clark County Sheriff’s Officer

* South Valley Athletics - Cottage Grove PD

* Willamette Valley First Responder Chaplains - Albany PD

Thank you all for impacting your community one kind act at a time!



Kindness Citation DCSO-00184

“Pay it forward is about caring and sharing. It’s about compassion and kindness. It’s about generosity. It’s about sacrifice and love. You get what you give.” Brianna is the admin for Pay It Forward Redmond on Facebook. On most major holidays, I have noticed she puts together gifts for children. But it is far more than just her, she has a following online that helps her by providing items for her gifts.

So far this Christmas, she has put together approximately 65 stockings for kids as well as gathered numerous clothing and basic need items. Brianna and Deputy Graham of the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office discussed her passion. After being cited Brianna shared, “I was not expecting this! Thank you. I became an admin for Pay it Forward 9 years ago as a way to get to know the community. I started the holiday Easter basket and stocking giveaways because I grew up without any holiday magic and it heals my inner child to be able to give to children in need in the Central Oregon community. This is a community effort! I have so many wonderful people helping me behind the scenes. Thank you for this kindness citation and thank you to all those who donate towards my holiday projects. I love living in Central Oregon!”

Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!



Kindness Citation DCSO-00242

Law Enforcement gets every type of call imaginable. On this day Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputy Gregory was dispatched to a call of an injured squirrel, stunned and laying in the middle of the road. She contacted Think Wild, a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Bend, and asked if they would be able to help the squirrel. They said yes as long as someone was able to transport the squirrel to them. Susan and her son Sam were walking a dog in the area and saw Deputy Gregory with the injured squirrel.

Deputy Gregory explained that she wasn't able to leave her district to take the injured squirrel to the wildlife hospital when they immediately said they would be willing to take the squirrel over 30 minutes away. They were animal lovers and wanted to help. The squirrel was safely secured. Susan and Sam were wonderfully pleasant people.

After being issued their Kindness Citation they shared, “It was wonderful to see the softer side of the police force! It made me want to spread more kindness.” Thank you for your compassionate heart Sam and Susan. Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!



Kindness Citation APD-00218

“Kindness is generosity combined with sacrifice and love (Hoag)” which the staff at Northside Church and Good Grounds Coffee in Albany, OR already know. These amazing people came to the Albany Police Department to say “Thank you” and donated morning snacks and free coffee. It truly is acts of kindness like these that are instrumental in keeping up positive morale and good spirits amongst first responders.

Thank you for being amazing and for being such a great example of how we should treat others! You truly made our day! Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time.



Kindness Citation K911-00291

We all know someone that just makes the world a little brighter no matter where they are. That is Joego! He works at a vineyard in Napa, California and has to be one of the most joy-filled people I have ever met. That is why Joego was issued a Kindness Citation.

Keep caring for people and absolutely making their day. Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time!



Kindness Citation APD

Officers with the Albany Police Department were honored to issue Kindness Citations to a group of amazing individuals from Furniture Share. This awesome organization donated space heaters that officers could provide to people in need of an emergency heat source this very cold weekend.

Keep impacting your community one kind act at a time! Thank you so much!

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