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An amazing day conducting a "Kindness 911 Sting" for Camden!!! Check out the video of his day at

A special “Thank you” to the Columbian for coming out and running this great story!…/4-year-old-camas-boy-receives-…/

You can also check out the Facebook Live from Camden's Sting, photos from our Portland Timbers experience and then a couple more photos!


One of Clark County‘s “Kindness Cops” from the CCSO didn’t need to read her shirt to know that he was in the presence of something special. Meet Samara! If a Kindness 911 Citation would have been in hand she would have received it for sure... hopefully this will work. Samara wasn’t aware that she was setting an example for everyone, young and old, on what it is to do the right thing...just because.


Samara, thank you for spreading kindness with your smile, positive personality, example to others (oh and your T-shirt)!


National Night Out 2019

KINDNESS 911 TOOK IN NATIONAL NIGHT OUT!!!!  I had such a great night tonight first attending NNO in Ridgefield, WA with their community and officers. I talked and shared our work with so many amazing people: Chief Brooks and his team of Ridgefield Officers, Mayor of Ridgefield Don Stose, Timi from Ilani, Assistant Chief Lawrence of the Cowlitz Tribal Police, Kris from CRESA 911 and so many more!!!   Well done!


Then I got to finish my evening with an amazing leader in our community, a member of the Kindness 911 Board and our Sheriff, Chuck Atkins (I loved showing up and seeing him wearing a Kindness 911 shirt). He hosted a great event for his community as well. Thank you so much for all you do.  Clark County, well done!


Back in early November we shared that Kindness 911 and Kindness Cops from the Clark County Sheriff's Office deployed a Kindness Sting on the Hockinson High School Girl's Soccer Team during a school pep assembly.

What we didn't share with you was this...


There were two Hockinson Seniors, Hayley Oja and Musse Barclay, that were featured on a KGW Channel 8 News story and their unbelievable heart for Miss Arlene Rose, a substitute teacher they both had back in middle school. Their hope was to raise $5,000 to pay for a new electric wheelchair, medical bills and a new walker. These two amazing students were both issued Kindness Citations by Deputy Robertson of the CCSO and their School Resource Officer. It was then that we were honored to tell them that they should use the money that they raised for the walker, scooter and ADA improvements to Arlene's home. As for her medical bills, Jared Walker of "Dollar For" stepped up and gladly took on her case. Dollar For fights for those who find themselves in an all too familiar position these days – stuck with a mountain of debt after a medical emergency. Dollar For provides relief to these families, working with a team of attorneys to delve into hospital programs and streamline the process of debt relief for qualifying patients.

Thank you Haley and Musse for being leaders with hearts for your school and community.


Hockinson leads with their hearts!!! Kindness 911 had the pleasure of honoring some amazing individuals that are truly caring for their community and setting the example for how we should care for one another each and every day!  Both Kindness 911 and the girl's soccer team from Hockinson High School have two very special friends, Wyatt and Camden.  You can see the teams journey on FOX12 News and our awesome Kindness Sting on KGW8 News.

A very special thank you to the partners that joined us: Kait from Dutch Bros gave each team member a DB Gift Card, Lauren from Big Al's Bowling honored the entire team with a bowling and pizza party, and the Portland Timbers had Timber Joey come out and award them with an autographed Timbers Scarf.  Also a huge thank you to Camden & Jeff Linton along with Sheriff Atkins, Sergeant Granneman and Deputy Robertson for making it even more special.

Hockinson Girls Soccer you are a class act and I am forever your fan! Thank you!


Kindness 911 and our "Kindness Cops" (with the help of our great supporters at the Oregon Brewery Running Series) got the opportunity to show our appreciation for one of Vancouver's finest, Jared Walker and Dollar For. We were able to issue him a Kindness Citation, have him honored by a family who has directly benefited from his work and gave him tickets to an upcoming Portland Trail Blazers game simply to say thank you for his extraordinary contribution to our local area.

A special thank you to Vancouver Police Departments very own Rey Reynolds for your help pulling this off.  Also a big thank you to Brandon Richardson, Flames Basketball and the Portland Trailblazers for giving Jared and his wife the game tickets.  At Kindness 911 we are impacting communities one kind act at a time.

Kindness Citations K911-00004 (continued!)

What an amazing day with Camden Linton and his family! When we did the Kindness Sting for Camden we were suppose to have Deputy Brannan and his K9 Partner Ringo but sadly they were called out on official business.  I later reached out to the Linton Family and asked if Camden still wanted to meet Ringo and was met with an excited "YES!"  I then asked if Ringo could bring some friends and was told "The more the merrier."  Take a look at some great photos from that day and also our Facebook Live as we rolled in with the pack.


A special thank you to the Clark County Sheriffs Office and Vancouver Police Department’s K-9 Units for riding along. And a shout out to Ringo, Ono, Koa, Gus and Doc for being amazing!

Citation K911-✈️

Travel can always, and usually does, bring some anxiety, stress and discomfort but not on United Airlines Flight UA517 (10/11/19) where me and my family truly experienced the “Friendly Skies.” We wanted to flip the paradigm and serve those that serve us so we put together a small care packages of chocolates for each Flight Attendant (Rachel, Shannon, Irena and Rebecca) and the Pilots with a card simply to say “Thank You” but what was returned to us was unexpected pure joy!

The crew took care of every need before we could think of it, gave the boys special ice cream sundaes (If only I took a picture of their faces), treats, wings and even a VIP tour of the cockpit once we reached Washington DC.  Each one of them went above and beyond so they were each issued a “Kindness 911 Citation” for their amazing generosity, kindness, care for everyone on our flight and their genuine smiles. Thank you for being true professionals and representing Flight Attendants and United Airlines so well.

Next time you are on a flight thank these individuals for a job well done! Remember, their main purpose on a flight is not to get you a Coke but to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.  Thank you and remember kindness can be found everywhere (even at 30,000 feet)!



KINDNESS 911’s FIRST DEPUTY, Warrior Wyatt changed my world when he entered my life through an amazing Kindness Sting. Kindness 911 came to be through the support, love and inspiration of so many people. However, there is one person I bring up from time to time that was a huge motivator for me personally. I got to meet the amazing Warrior Wyatt Draper in October of 2018. I got to experience his joy in the face of adversity and watched him make the most out of the good days (and the tough ones too). This special Warrior went home in March of this year but I think of him a lot as his photo hangs on my wall. I know that many people were touched by him.

This chance meeting also led to me connecting with the amazing Draper Family. Some think that a Kindness Sting or Kindness Citation is a one time event. The truth is that they are only the beginning of beautiful, ongoing relationships between citizen, cops and communities. I am honored to call the Draper Family my friends and enjoy the times we get to reconnect. I was excited to stop by their home the other day and deliver Wyatt’s Kindness 911 Citation. Thank you Wyatt for continuing to have an impact on your community.

KINDNESS CITATIONS K911-00487 & 00488

Tonight while attending the Ilani Wine and Food Fest I met some wonderfully delightful people through a friend of mine. Then, I found out that they have taken up the charge to build a stronger community for each and every one of us. Whether we agree on issues or platforms we do need good people making the effort on our behalf. It was my honor issuing Kindness Citations to Senator Lynda Wilson and State Representative Larry Hoff. Thank you for giving each of Washington’s citizens your very best! 

Again thank you Ilani and Cowlitz Tribe for seeing the value in the work of Kindness 911 and for your ongoing sponsorship and support.


This morning I was fortunate to attend the Clark County Prayer Breakfast along with Ridgefield Kindness Cop Andy Marvitz and hundreds of the most amazing members of the faith, government and law enforcement community and so many more.

Our keynote address was from retired Major General Daniel York. His focus was that LEADERSHIP MATTERS! We need leaders that impart VISION, build strong TEAMS, exhibit CHARACTER, have great ATTITUDES and model superb CONDUCT.

He then told a story about a young man, 18 years old, that made an unconventional choice for the right reason. Alex had been unfortunately rear-ended, pulled off and exchanged information. He also learned that this dad was facing some obvious significant hardships because of this accident. Alex later decided to offer the gentleman the opportunity to pay to make it right versus reporting it to insurance. Alex chose heart over heartache and the person over possessions.

After hearing this story and seeing this young mans humbleness Officer Marvitz and myself knew he needed to be cited for kindness. Thank you Alex for being an example of compassion and generosity.


Officer Tyler King reported, “Nick is my neighbor and a student at South Ridge Elementary in Ridgefield, WA. I have seen Nick on multiple occasions playing with other kids in the neighborhood. He is always really good about involving everyone and letting other kids play with his toys. Recently I was told he was being picked on and being made fun of at school because of his accent. I went and had lunch with him at school to show my support for the good things he does in our neighborhood. My hope is other kids would see how cool Nick really is and he would make more friends at school. Nick is a great example of how we should treat other people, even when they don't treat us well.”

My favorite part was the impact this interaction had on Nick as was evident on a post by his mother that read, “Nick does not want to be a construction worker anymore. Guess what his profession is now?” This is what makes stronger communities. A little time and a big heart. Well done!


I was unsure if I was going to share this story here but then realized that I would be doing all of you a huge disservice. In fact, without this person Kindness 911 would not even be in existence. This wonderful person is my wife Andrea who could easily be the recipient of a hundred “Kindness Citations.” She has supported the creation of this organization, my crazy ideas and the financial sacrifice needed to start anything (sometimes understandably with hesitation) from the beginning.

Andrea has had a life journey that has been filled with injuries, illness, procedures and surgeries. She’s has had the idea of a normal healthy life taken from her too many times to count. She has had her spine fused due to a car accident, has overcome Lyme Disease, battled endometriosis, vertigo, over 20 surgeries and so so much more. These are just a few things she has had to endured over our marriage and frankly I am probably enough to put up with.

Andrea also just went back to work after all of this chaos but on November 8th we were told that my sweet Andrea was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It’s not fair, it makes no sense, it’s cruel, frustrating and every other emotion you can fathom but these emotions will not help Andrea get better. Today however we start the healing.  Andrea has undergone two surgeries in the span of one week to remove this cancer from her body and to begin writing another victorious chapter of her story that will surely have a happily ever after.


So to my Kindness 911 family, one of your own needs to know you have her back. Lift her up in prayer and send all the positive thoughts as together we can overcome. Thank you all for loving on the Hattrick family.  A special thank you also to the Ridgefield Police Department for touching our hearts with your kind gift.


I am honored to introduce you all to Timi and Melinda. These two both work at the Ilani Casino Resort in Ridgefield, Washington. They became fans of Kindness 911 right from the start and immediately asked for ways that they and Ilani could get involved.... and they have!


However, while attending the Ilani Christmas Tree Lighting event, I was able to issue the first ever Kindness Citations for the Cowlitz Tribal Police Department to this wonderful dream team. The gratitude, emotion and hugs told it all. These are women with a heart for their community and beyond. Thank you Timi and Melinda for being leaders that are selfless, caring and for loving on everyone you meet with a servants heart.

Update: Timi recorded her citation at saying, “I want to say THANK YOU and I am so incredibly proud to be associated with Kindness 911 and our community. I am honored and humbled to be cited. I am excited to see and be apart of all the wonderful things Kindness 911 will continue to do in the future.” We are so happy to have her part of our journey.


Laurie Burpee’s Kindness Citation read, “You are the embodiment of kindness and have a positive impact on every person you know...and many you don’t know. Thank you for being an example of kindness, compassion and goodwill. Even when faced with overwhelming circumstances you are a light. Thank you for your commitment to your students and your York Elementary family. May this night remind you that you are never alone and we look forward to walking with you through your metamorphosis where you will most definitely be a beautiful butterfly.” Kindness is simple you just have to give it.

A very special thank you to:
-Laurie Burpee and her son Alec for letting us come into their lives.
-Principal Dawn Harris for leading by example and inviting Kindness 911 to be part of this beautiful memory.
-York Elementary students and parents for loving Miss Burpee so much and singing so beautifully.
-The “Kindness Cops” from the Clark County Sheriffs Office. Thank you Sheriff Atkins, Deputy McCarthy, Deputy Benton, Deputy, Fischer-Williams and Deputy Harris.
-Timi and Ilani Casino for giving Laurie tickets to an upcoming concert.
-Seattle Mariners for giving Laurie and her family a 2020 VIP experience including a game, being on the field for batting practice and their photo at home plate.
-Katherine Cook and the KGW8 News Team for capturing the magic of this amazing Kindness Sting.
-Evergreen School District for capturing so many memories for your community.

-THEN...Good Morning America reached out and wanted to share the story

-THEN...People Magazine reached out and wanted to share the story

-THEN...Access Hollywood reached out and wanted to share the story

-THEN...The Columbian Newspaper

A Kindness Sting for the record books!!!


You simply never know who your journey will cross paths with. Tonight while attending the Santa’s Posse Annual Wrapping Party my journey crossed paths with Meghan Carrillo-Ganier. Through a simple introduction from a friend I was honored to share what Kindness 911 gets to do in our local community. It was then that we connected and she got this glow and here is what she shared in her own words, “So for the last 4 years my family(and friends, but to me everyone is family) has gotten together for an ugly sweater party in my parents garage, we make it very ugly and a whole lotta fun! But most importantly we pass around a little box each year collecting money donations. We then take this money and give back to our community. The first year we handed out coffee gift cards and shopped for a local giving tree. Year two we shopped for two children that lost both parents. Year three we adopted a few people at a nursing home that didn’t have any family. This years donations went to making care packages to go to people receiving chemo treatments at compass oncology to honor my mother that we lost earlier this year. When I asked my family and friends to do this a few years back I told them that we’re fortunate to have each other and lucky to be able to have a party the way we were, and that we need to spread that joy and that love.”

So tonight I got the privilege of issuing her (and her entire family) a Kindness 911 Citation. Thank you for the love, kindness and joy you share with our community.


Officer Marvitz heard a knock at the door. When he opened it he found his wonderful neighbor Ava. She was delivering handmade, ‘thin blue line’ Christmas ornaments she made for Officer Marvitz, the Ridgefield Police Department, and other fellow officers. Ava took it upon herself to make these amazing gifts as a token of appreciation for law enforcement officers in her community. All the officers were extremely grateful for the act of kindness performed by Ava and wanted to acknowledge her selfless act with a Kindness 911 Citation.


The beauty is that when Ava replied she said, “It made me feel really good, even though I did something very small.” It goes to show that sometimes what we think is small or insignificant can have a big impact.


Merry Christmas!


We all know someone in our daily lives that does things that we don’t understand, don’t ask and sometimes may even prejudge. Bill is a longtime resident of Ridgefield and you probably have seen him and his white truck collecting odds and ends all over town...Officer Tyler King has. What some may see as trash he knows is holiday treasure.

While helping to keep his community clean his collection is cashed in at the end of the year for money. What most don’t know however is that he uses the entirety of his financial return to buy Christmas gifts for families in need throughout the city. This year he raised enough to buy gifts for 24 kiddos!

The next time we see someone doing something we don’t understand do not jump to conclusions as it could be a blessing in the making!

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